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Kenten's S.M.A. is a innovative restaurant that combines elevated, home-style flavors of the Southern U.S. with vegan and vegetarian twists of Mexican cuisine.

Extraordinary tastes.

Extraordinarily good food.


About Us

Welcome Home.


Kenten's S.M.A. is a symphony in fusion of the tastes of the Southern U.S. with the unique ingredients of South and Central America.  The food encompasses elevated and intense home-style flavors of the tastes of the Americas, including many options for vegan and vegetarian connoisseurs of gastronomy. 

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Welcome Home


Jicama Ceviche

Marinated Jicama, limes, avocado, onion and serrano peppers

 marinated  served with crispy corn chips

Fried Chicken Sandwich_beauty2.jpeg

Cast Iron Steak

Prime quality cut selected by the butcher seared seared on a cast iron skillet basted with garlic, herbs and butter. Served with a arugula and blistered tomatoes and chimichurri


Kenten's Fried Chicken Sandwich

Crispy chicken thigh, Toasted artisan bun, rice wine aioli, sweet and tangy tomatillo relish, roasted jalapeño slices



Calle del Rosal, 3
Colonia San Antonio
San Miguel de Allende
GTO, 37750



Opening Hours

Dine In or Take Away

Tuesday - Sunday: 11am - 10pm
Monday: CLOSED